Quality Above All: Peter James Creates Products that Last a Lifetime

Quality Above All: Peter James Creates Products that Last a Lifetime

Whether you are new to the cigar world, or a long-time aficionado with a more educated palate, we can all understand the value of something that is made to last. Sadly, most of us are starting to see that with most things in life today, the old saying is truer than ever- they just don’t make it like they used to. Most things are built to wear out just in time for a new model, which leaves a lot of us feeling like some of those little investments aren’t worth the hassle.

But we can think of a few things they’ve never made with the same level of quality and craftmanship you find when shopping the Peter James catalog.

Handmade in Canada

Every single product available throughout our online store or found with one of our many retail partners is handmade with the highest standards of quality and care right here in Toronto, Canada. While most local manufacturers have outsourced production overseas to exploit cheap labor, Peter James stays committed to keeping our production here in Canada, using local artisans for the very best in leatherworking, stitching, and every other step that goes into creating our luxury cigar cases.

Infusing Fashion and Function

After all, when you buy a cigar case you aren’t just looking for something convenient to carry around your Cubans. You’re also looking for something that will keep your accessories organized and safe from the elements, while speaking to your own style and personality. With many of the brand names on the market, the most you are getting is a bulky piece of plastic or unrefined fabric that leaves a lot to be desired for the aficionado who’s taste extends beyond what they are smoking to how their gear aligns with their own fashion and style. 

Peter James offers a variety of designs and colorful leather combinations that are sure to be the perfect accent to any aesthetic you are looking for. Whether you are a purest of the old school, or you’re aiming at a versatile look for the modern millennial. 

The Finest Materials

At Peter James, we don’t decide what materials to use for our premium cigar cases or new luxury lounge furniture line based on price points. We don’t measure our success by how cheap we can get the leather, fabric, and other components for our technical features. Unlike some manufacturers, our mission is not to trick customers into paying more for less. Our mission is getting the most value and best experience for our customers at the most attractive cost to them.

If you look throughout our line of Cigar Organizers and Mary John Organizers, you will see each piece is created with the absolute finest materials, including:

  • Imported Italian leather

  • The toughest American made hardware

Meanwhile, our new line of furniture utilizes:

  • Top-grain, aniline-dyed leather

  • Luxurious feather blend in seat cushions

  • Back cushions made with medium density polyurethane foam

  • Dacron wrap

  • Walnut Stain finished legs

Even our Lifestyle catalog fragrances are made with the finest notes of essential and synthetic oils, denatured alcohol, and all-natural H2O.

Every item we design and build for our customers is specifically crafted to not just establish a higher standard of quality for each of our customers, but to keep providing the kind of quality they can count on long after the competition is frayed and falling apart.

Lasting Commitment to Craftsmanship

When speaking in depth with John Peter Laurndi, Co-founder and CEO of Peter James, you can easily see why our incredible brand has cultivated a powerful reputation for commitment to lifelong quality products. In a recent interview, Laurndi passionately embodied the company’s lasting commitment to craftsmanship when talking about the meaning of quality, and how the company works diligently to integrate this philosophy into these amazing cigar cases.

“For me, what quality means is that when I buy something, I want to buy it once. That is quality to me; that thing that lasts a lifetime. I think that is something that we are missing from our lives. Things aren’t made to last now. Everything we are designing nowadays is being built to break down so you have to buy it again. I’m whole-heartedly against the grain. If I’m not financially successful because of it, so be it. I know that I am bringing something to this world that doesn’t exist- and that is longevity, durability, and style. I will not go against that mantra. Ever.”

With that kind of mantra, there is no wonder why these last eight years have seen the Peter James brand grow in North American markets. With their eyes set on expanding their global market in 2021, the team at Peter James shows no sign of switching up their belief in quality above all.


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